Through the decades of Ski & Snow Style - A timeline of a timeless fashion trend

This month’s edit is all about Alpine Adventure Attire and the impact the snowy mountains have on fashion and trends. Here’s a timeline of ski fashion over the last few decades to see how fashion trends then are still going strong today. 



The fleece mid-layer came about this decade which is still a staple in most ski outfits nowadays. Along with Moonboots & Faux Fur which became fashion statements on the mountain tops and also made it's way off the slopes to street fashion 


Bright coloured ski suits became all the rage this era. Cosy, comfy, and colourful what's not to love!


The 00s brought about the puffer jacket to ski wear, along with chest-high salopettes and jacket combos to help keep snow out. Fashion & Function, breathable & flexible gear.


Designer Miu Miu looks to the past for inspiration for their 2021 show, taking inspiration from the ski suits worn in the 80s and bringing a more stylish twist to them.

 - Miu Miu, 2021

Our edit Après-street is all about when Ski wear turns Street wear, featuring vintage pieces to make you stand out, either on the slopes or about the city 

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